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Information Site for GoDigital, Inc. and dba Distribber Liquidation

Basic Information

  • GD ABC, LLC is the Assignee of GoDigital, Inc. and dba Distribber ("Assignee") under an Assignment for the Benefit of Creditors ("ABC") under California Law.   An ABC is generally more efficient and less expensive than a bankruptcy liquidation.


  • On September 19, 2019, GoDigital, Inc. commenced the ABC and all assignable assets were assigned to the Assignee.

  • The Assignee was assigned GoDigital Inc.'s assets only, all of the liabilities of GoDigital, Inc. remain with GoDigital, Inc.  To be clear, GoDigital, Inc. no longer has any assets.  

  • The Assignee is winding-down the GoDigital/Distribber legacy aggregation and distribution operations, including facilitating the removal of content from streaming media platforms. 


  • The Assignee will also liquidate any assets and perform an accounting.

  • After completion of the accounting and collection and verification of all Proof of Claim forms, the Assignee will make distributions, if any is available, to creditors.   

  • Proof of Claim Forms may be assessed here.

  • The entire process is expected to take approximately nine (9) months.   

  • The Assignee does not at this time expect to make any distributions until the conclusion of the ABC process.

  • The Assignee expects to provide periodic updates by email and on this site.

  • The Assignee is professionally directed by GlassRatner Advisory & Capital Group, LLC, a national consulting firm specializing in troubled company situations.

Information for 

GoDigital / Distribber Licensors

  • Licensors should immediately make arrangements to secure a new aggregator or distributor for their content.

  • Please make sure to consider any special captions or subtitles that go with your film.

  • The Assignee is continuing to have conversations with certain platforms on how to implement a smooth transition that would avoid removing films already on their platforms.   This is not progressing as quickly as the Assignee desires. 

  • The Assignee is extending the drop dead date on live content to November 30, 2019 in order to continue to find solutions for the largest number of Licensors. 

  • UPDATE ON APPLE:  The Assignee has had a couple conversations with iTunes (Apple) and it does not appear they share the same sense of urgency in facilitating a transition of GoDigital's account that avoids having to remove content from iTunes (Apple) and the time and expense of relaunching it.  The Assignee is hopeful that Apple will find a way to  implement such a transition.  If there is a large number of GoDigital/Distribber customers willing to contract with the same Aggregator, the Assignee is willing to cooperate.  Please use the Contact Form to express your interest in this approach.

  • UPDATE ON AMAZONAmazon has terminated GoDigital/Distribber content and the Assignee has no access to an Amazon dashboardThe Assignee does not have any control over content previously on Amazon.   Film makers/Licensors should contact Amazon directly as apparently individual accounts can be established and an aggregator is not necessary for Amazon. 

  • UPDATE ON FANDANGO Fandango and the Assignee have negotiated that as a courtesy to the filmmakers and Licensors, Fandango will not  require content to be removed and re-loaded when changing aggregators.  Accordingly, the filmmaker or licensor's new aggregator or distributor just needs to advise Fandango of the change and it will simply update the account record with no disruption to the availability of the film.

  • UPDATE ON NETFLIX:  If you had an agreement with GoDigital relating to content that is available on the Netflix service, the Assignee wants to facilitate an orderly and smooth transition of your license.  The Assignee has no objection to you working directly with Netflix to conclude your agreement with GoDigital and enter into a new agreement with Netflix.   It is our understanding that Netflix is prepared to enter into a direct license with you.


Platform Contacts



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