Upcoming Film and Assets Download Tool

Information & Terms of Use

  • Without any obligation to do so, the Assignee engaged an IT services company to develop a tool to allow content-owners to download their films and related assets that GoDigital/Distribber stored on Amazon Web Services (AWS).

  •  A Button will be added to this page around February 25, 2020. 

  • The Assignee is NOT providing any user or customer support for this tool, so reading and carefully following the instructions on the log-in page is critical.  

  • Using this tool is the ONLY method of retrieving assets. 

  • The Assignee makes NO representations or assurances that the film and assets stored on AWS are the complete assets that GoDigital/Distribber ever received or provided services.

  • The content-owner expressly acknowledges that the contents being made available to download are on a "As-Is, Where-Is" basis, meaning the Assignee makes no representations or assurances of any kind or nature regarding the condition, completeness, usability, suitability, function or any other aspect of the GoDigital/Distribber contents on AWS. 

Access to the Download Tool:

  • Former GoDigital/Distribber customers will receive an email to the email address on file containing  a unique password.   Please save this password that is required to use the download tool.

Retrieving your assets is a 2-step process: 

  • The tool connects to AWS and instructs AWS to move the selected assets from AWS Glacier Storage to S3.

  • The user will need to log-in after at least several hours (the length of time depends on the size of the files) and check the status to see if the assets have transferred to S3.

  • Once the status indicator shows the files have transferred to S3, the user can download the assets.


IMPORTANT:  ​The user must ensure that they have sufficient drive space to download the film and assets.  It is up to the user to make this determination before starting the download process. 

  • The duration of the download process depends upon the size of the files and the speed of your internet connection. 

  • It may take many hours of connected time to complete the download of the assets.