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This page will be populated with Frequently Asked Questions.  Please submit a question to add using the Contact form.  Please check this page for updates

  • When will I receive the money owed by GoDigital/Distribber?
    Distributions, if any, will be made upon finalizing the ABC. The Assignee presently estimates the ABC process to take nine (9) to twelve (12) months to complete. The Assignee understands that content owners are anxious to receive payments, refunds, etc., however, it is unlikely there will be an interim distribution. The Assignee is performing a comprehensive accounting that is estimated to take 3 to 4 months and must be completed before estimating amounts and timing that may be available to distribute to creditors. Notwithstanding, for purposes of managing expectations, the Assignee expects de minimis, if any, distributions from the GoDigital estate.
  • Where is the money going that the Assignee is collecting from platforms?
    The Assignee is directing payments received from the platforms into a segregated bank account.
  • How will I find out how much is owed to complete the Proof of Claim Form?
    Once the accounting is completed, the Assignee will notify content owners with the amount that is due from GoDigital/Distribber to insert into the Proof of Claim form. The Proof of Claim Form is not due until February 28, 2020. If you already know the balance due, feel free to submit the Proof of Claim Form now. We strongly recommend using the Online Proof of Claim Form.
  • How do I get a copy of my assets (Film, captions, etc.)?"
    You may use the Contact Form to request your assets. It may take several days to respond. Requests are being filled in the order received. The Assignee is providing this service as a courtesy at this time and may have to impose a fee at its discretion. The Assignee is exploring a method to implement a semi-self-serve download process through the Distribber Dashboard and will make an announcement if there is implementation of this process.
  • What happened to the money GoDigital/Distribber's collected from the platforms?
    The Assignee is focusing first on addressing content owner and platform concerns and has not performed a forensic accounting of financial records. The Assignee anticipates conducting a detailed review of cash collections and disbursements as part of its accounting process. In the event the Assignee or its experts determine there are transactions that merit a forensic investigation and determines there are adverse findings, the Assignee intends to notify creditors.
  • How do I get a refund if I paid Distribber, but my films weren't put on a platform? "
    The Assignee recommends contacting your credit card bank and submitting a refund request to obtain a credit to your credit card.
  • How do I get my film's hard drive back that I sent GoDigital/Distribber?
    The Assignee has possession of Licensors' hard drives submitted to GoDigital/Distribber in a secure location. An inventory is planned during November. Licensors will be notified after completion of the inventory if their hard drive appears on the inventory list with an option to request it's return using an online request form. The cost of shipping the hard drive will be collected in advance. Hard drives not requested and/or advance shipping fees not paid within 30 days of notification will be erased and repurposed.

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